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Dear Mr Filby

Please find enclosed your questionaire regarding my replica GT40. Also enclosed is a selection of proffessionally taken photographs which you should find acceptable for your article.

I would like to say a few words about Andrew Sheldon and his business. From my limited view of the kitcar market it would appear that most of the suppliers paint a glowing picture of what can be achieved without any indication of the difficulties which lay ahead of such a project.

Quite understandable but having sold a kit there then appears to be very little in the way of after sales back up and the poor builder is left to struggle and in most cases, give up.

This has not been the case with Andrew. He realises that by helping his customers to build good TS40's he is in effect building the future success of his business.

We had a time table to meet in building our car and that would not have been met without the tremendous help given by Andrew on a week to week basis. I have talked to other TS40 customers and discovered that the help we received was given equally to them also.

There can be no doubt that Tornado will become a market leader in the very near future. Since starting our car many new extras have been added to the product range and I know they have a very exciting Jag sports car in the wings which we are considering as our next project.

If you decide to give Andrew the publicity I believe he deserves then I am sure you will enhance your own image in the market as having the vision to recognise the potential of his business.

Yours Sincerely

P J Tarrant.



Dear Sir,

Just a few lines to update the records.

I am now the proud owner of a rather large box of goodies, known to we believers as a Tornado TS40.

And, having recovered from my ( non alcohol induced ) state of euphoria, after opening and scrutinising almost every individual part, I must record my opinion as to the superb quality and presentation of the "Deluxe component package" offered by this company.

1. The Chassis is square ( I own a crash repair shop and put it on a laser measuring system to find out).

2. The glass work is ' A1 ' and a credit to the mould maker and polisher ( Mr Sheldon Senior, I believe).

3. The rear uprights, pedal box etc., are ' proper ' individuallydeveloped and manufactured units.

4. All fixings are supplied bagged and part numbered, with even extra nuts/washers to replace those that the Gremlins get during the build.

The list could go on and on, and last, but not least, a friendly and helpful voice only a phone call away.

Anyway. enough of my enthusiasm, however well deserved - I ' VE GOT A CAR TO BUILD AND


And, having received my November newsletter I must say how pleased I am to be able to look forward to an active and unbiased club scene, possibly even an additional regional area?

P. Birch



After reading the article " Fast and Furious - GT40 Replicas" in your January issue, I feel you have done your readers an injustice by not listing all of the GT40 kit manufacturers, in particular Tornado Sports Cars. I was fortunate in learning of Tornado Sports Cars while I also had a membership with the GT40 Replica Owners Club in England. I ordered a kit from Tornado and I am now in the process of building it. I am pleased with the workmanship and general finish of the components I have received and the completeness of the parts (i.e., all of the fasteners are supplied with each component).

A comprehensive builders manual comes with the kit, but on the few ocassions that I have required additional help, a quick call to Andrew Sheldon of Tornado has brought the desired results. In addition, because of budget constraints, I did not order all of the required components with the basic kit. It has never been a problem to go back and order parts as my budget permits. This in effect means that you can start building the kit with the outlay of approximately $6500.

From my personal experience in dealing with Tornado Sports Cars I feel that anyone contemplating building a GT40 replica would be well advised to check out Tornado before making their final decision.

B. Needham.