IVA Approval


IVA stands for Individual Vehicle Approval and is the test that all amature built low volume vehicles must pass before being registered for use on the public road.

Application forms are available from VOSA and are downloadable from their website at


The test takes approximately 4 hours to complete and is carried out at a number of VOSA testing stations throughout the UK.

A copy of the IVA inspection manual can be found at


The correct manual for the Tornado TSC GT40 is M1 vehicles - passenger cars.

The test is pre booked and you are allowed to drive the vehicle to and from your nominated test station.

Because the Tornado TSC GT40 is manufactured in the UK it has been designed specifically to meet the M1 IVA requirements.

The IVA has been very difficult for some imported vehicles as they have not been designed to comply with IVA.



IVA Test Service

Tornado Sports Cars now offer a complete IVA test service for all of our customers.

This service is designed to remove the stress and hassle of the IVA test once the build is finally completed.

Our nearest VOSA test station is now less than 1 mile form our factory and this has helped us establish an excellent working relationship with the local VOSA inspectors.

Our complete test service includes collection of the vehicle from your home address and transport to Tornado Sports Cars where a pre IVA test inspection is carried out.

We will then undertake any pre test work required and complete the IVA application and paperwork.

Your car is then transported to the test station where we will represent you so that you do not need to attend the test.

Should the vehicle fail the test we will carry out any required work and then book and attend the re test.

Finally we will re deliver the vehicle to your home address complete with the IVA certificate.

The cost of this service depends on the amount of work and time required. Please telephone for further details.



Road Registration in Europe

In some mainland European Countries it can be difficult to register an amature built vehicle for the road.

The answer is to return your completed vehicle to the factory in the UK where we will IVA and register the vehicle for you.

Tornado Sports Cars are then able to issue a Manufacturers Certificate of Homologation for your vehicle.

It is always advisable to check with your local vehicle registration office for rules about importing cars into your country.


Low Volume Approval

Tornado Sports Cars are also a VOSA approved Low Volume Manufacturer which enables Tornado Sports Cars to build completed turn key vehicles for customers and approve then using the VOSA Low Volume Manufacturer approval scheme.

All completed turn key cars are supplied with a manufactureres Certificate of Homologation.


VOSA Engine Block Date of Manufacture Certificates

Tornado Sports Cars are one of the few companies in the UK that are VOSA approved for the supply of engine block date of manufacture certificates.

These certificates are needed to determine the required level of the emissions test during the IVA for the specific engine that has been fitted.

An inspection of the engine block and casting numbers is required to confirm the date of manufacture of the engine block and an official certificate is issued that will be accepted by VOSA during the test.

All engines supplied by Tornado are provided complete with a certificate when purchased.


German Registration

It seems that some customers are having difficulties registering their completed TSC GT40 for use on the road in Germany.

We are now co operating with a company in Germay who are experienced in registering low volume cars for the road in Germany.

The cars must be registered for road use in England before German registration is applied for.

For further details please contact us at info@tornadosportscars.com